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  • What is BARE ROOT shipping?
    All palms are currently growing in soil. Once we receive your order, we remove them from the soil, wrap the roots in moist paper towels & place them in a baggy. This method GREATLY reduces shipping costs! Once you receive them, plant them in a pot or in your landscape.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    Some orders will ship the same day, but most will go out the next morning. Once the package is picked up it usually takes 3-5 days (not including Sundays & holidays). You will receive tracking info once a shipping label has been created.
  • My shipment was damaged when I received it. What do I do?
    Palms are more resilient than you think. Trim off damaged fronds and get them planted! They will most likely recover quickly. If the palms are beyond hope (damaged bulb & roots) please take pictures immediately and get the postal service involved. We send pics of your actual palms with your shipping label as they are packaged. This serves as proof of shipping, but more importantly, the condition they were in when packaged. If they are delivered in poor is obviously happened in transit.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Unfortunately, do to the nature of the product we do not accept returns.
  • What type of soil shoud I use?
    Please plant in well drained soil. There are many good articles online about what well drained soil actually means. It's usually a mixture of sand, perlite, peat moss & compost or soil. Come up with your own mixture that allows water to drain through. If palms are in wet conditions (especially young palms), their roots have a tendency to rot.
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